Curriculum: Pre-Kindergarten Class

6:30-9:00     Breakfast and Free Play in the Classroom

9:00-9:15     Snacktime

9:15-9:30     Morning Meeting

9:30-9:45     Potty time

9:45-10:30    Outside or Gym Time

10:30-11:30   Center and Curriculum Time

11:30-12:00   Lunchtime

12:00-12:30   Clean Up, Free Play and Potty time

12:30-1:00   Stories and get ready for nap

1:00-3:00     Naptime

3:00-4:00     Wake Up, Snack time and finish up morning projects

4:00-5:00     Outside time

5:00-6:00     Clean up for the day, evening snack and say good bye to our friends