Fee Schedule

*Registration fee of $100 is due upon registration and once per year

Toddler (1-­3 years)

5 days $275 (weekly)     $1191 (monthly)

4 days $220 (weekly)     $953 (monthly)

3 days $165 (weekly)     $715 (monthly)

1-2 days     $63/day  2 days $546

Half day - 5 hours or less $35/day


Preschool (3 -­6 years)

5 days $250 (weekly)     $1083 (monthly)

4 days $200 (weekly)     $866 (monthly)

3 days $150 (weekly)     $650 (monthly)

1-2 days     $50/day

1 day   $63

Half day - 5 hours or less $35/day

(minimum  enrollment of 3 days per week)

  • Sibling discount: 10% off the oldest child.

  • There is an annual enrollment fee of $100 per year, due at the anniversary of your child's enrollment date to be used for classroom supplies and materials.

  • Tuition is due in advance on the Friday before each week.  A late fee of $20 will be applied on Monday, and $5 per day thereafter.

  • Full tuition is due  each week, even if your child does not attend on their contracted days unless vacation days have been arranged with the director

  • Annual vacation days available, take vacation with your child and have a break from tuition!

  • Positive Alternative accepts payment by check, cash, bank transfer, Venmo or Zelle with no transaction fee. We add a 3% transaction fee for payment by credit card.